Equipped with Automated storage.NMR.LC-MS.HPLC.GC.Polarimeter.Freeze dryer.Microwave reactor.High Pressure hydrogenation apparatus.Photo-reactor.Flow Chemistry Reactor.Fully equipped organic chemistry labs.

Automated storage

HSMC is equipped with a state-of the-art automated sample management system available for the storage of chemical compounds. Compounds are kept at -20°C at high-density storage platforms and are secured for automated (in the future) or manual handling. The automated storage can store more than 100000 samples and would be soon upgraded with fully automated management system for sample preparation directly for HTS.


HSMC is equipped with an Agilent DD2 500 MHz NMR spectrometer. Current NMR is the platform of choice to deliver simplicity and flexibility for liquids NMR applications producing industry-leading spectral data quality for pharma, academic, chemical, and food science applications. The instrument has a two channel gradient system equipped with OneNMR probe with an auto-tune-and-match installed.

This instrument performs a wide variety of multinuclear (1H, 13C, 31P, 11B and 15N) experiments including 2D NMRs at variable temperature for structural identification of synthetic compounds. It is used extensively elucidation of structure and stereochemistry of organic compounds.


HSMC is equipped with a Shimadzu LCMS-2010EV quadrapole mass spectrometer bearing electrospray ionization (ESI) which allows the determination of molecular weights of small molecules but also of proteins and peptides up to 100 kDaltons and lipids, oligonucleotides and polysaccharides, up to 10 kDaltons in low picomolar detection limits. Also the spectrometer allows he simultaneous collection of UV/Vis spectrum and ESI/APcI Mass Spectrum of the studied compounds, thereby providing additional data to complement the MS data.



HSMC possesses an Agilent 1260 Infinity II Preparative LC-System with a fraction collector. The system allows high performance purification in a semi-preparative scale.


HSMC possesses a GC-2030 Shimadzu with a split/splitless injection of the sample SLP-2030. The system is equipped with an FID-2030  detector, an automated sampler and control software LabSolutions GC.


A Kruss polarimeter is available, equipped with a micro-tube, which allows the fast and reliable analysis of optically active substances.

Freeze dryer

A CoolSafe Pro 110-4 Teflon is available. Condenser capacity of 3Kg allows the reliable freeze-drying of chemical samples even when are dissolved in high boiling solvents

Microwave reactor

 HSMC is equipped with a Biotage Initiator microwave reactor. The system can perform reactions from 0.2 to 20 ml scale with enhanced heating performance that offers faster and more powerful heating (400 W) of a broad range of solvents.



A Xenon lamp 300W (λ >320nm) emit a continuous spectrum with high luminance and high color temperature, ranging from the UV to visible to infrared range. Xenon lamps are therefore ideal for various types of photometric equipment such as spectrophotometers. It allows performing photo-isomerizations, photocatalytic reactions in specific wavelengths and photoredox processes with the appropriate range of temperatures, adjustable light density and cut-off filters.


Flow Chemistry Reactor

Asia flow reactor system from Syrris. The apparatus provides an ideal tool for the optimization of chemical reactions at flow. It allows two phases reaction optimization but also can perform flow reactions under gas or solids. Can perform with pressures up to 300psi and it is highly compatible with high ranges of temperatures from -20oC to 250oC.


Fully equipped organic chemistry labs

As part of the Laboratory of Organic Chemistry at the Chemical Department of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, HSMC has laboratory spaces fully equipped with all the necessary glassware, evaporators, pumps but also the personnel to perform a world class research. Our personnel according to the needs of HSMC can provide solutions in your chemical problems, perform custom synthesis and provide optimization protocols for your lead compounds. Users either from academia or from pharmaceutical industry can count on our chemical expertise to provide you with solutions. Please advice the menu bar under custom synthesis for more information.