Storage: All submitted samples in HSMC are secured and stored at −20 oC as stock solutions of 5mM in DMSO after their identity and purity is determined. The samples are bar-coded and categorized and are sent for screening after the approval of the inventor. All the resulting data obtained for each compound will be communicated to the original inventor from the corresponding screening center. Further utilization of the “hit” compounds will be always done upon the agreement of the inventor. All data provided by the inventor regarding the molecular structure identity of the provided compounds will be confidential and will be shared with the screening center only upon the prior agreement of the inventor.

General guidelines for our storage facility use

  • In HSMC we only receive compounds that are novel and not commercially available.
  • The provided compounds should have purity greater than 90% to be accepted and included in our database.
  • All provided compounds will be checked for their purity in the HSMC. In case they do not meet the previous purity criteria the depositors are responsible for their return shipment, otherwise the samples will be temporarily kept out of the HSMC storage system for a period of 6 months.
  • Submitted quantities for each compound should be in the range of 5−10 mg. For samples with increased complexity lower quantities (1 mg) will be considered. 
  • The molecular structures of submitted compounds should be known and the depositors should provide them to us in order to classify them and evaluate their purity.

HSMC will not accept compounds that have a molecular weight less than 170 or over 800 and are unstable in water and light. Compounds belonging to the following classes will not be considered for storage.

  • Polymers
  • Non-heteroatom compounds
  • Organic compounds with heavy metals (Hg, Pb, As, Sn, Cr, etc)
  • Oxygen-silane compoundς
  • Phosphoryl halides
  • Trialkyl phosphates
  • Perchlorate or periodate
  • Perchlorinated aromatic compounds
  • Acyl chlorides
  • Anhydrides
  • Iso (thio) cyanate esters
  • Nitroso compounds
  • Azides, diazonium salts, azobenzenes
  • Hydrazines
  • N-oxide compounds
  • N-halide compounds

For the full policy of how we handle and manage your compounds please download and consult legal statement-agreement below.

Agreement HMSC

If it is your first time you are submitting a sample, please download and sign the agreement above and also the statement of legal possession for all samples you re going to submit to the HSMC below.

Statement of Legal possession

Before you send every sample please download fill and sigh the HSMC Form below. Please include this form signed in your submission.


Evaluation of purity: All provided compounds, prior to their storage, are evaluated for their purity. In HSMC chemical library only compounds with purity greater than 90% are accepted. Your compounds will be checked for their purity using HPLC, LC/MS, GC analytical systems. Samples that do not meet the purity threshold (>90%) will be kept out of the HSMC storage facility for a period of 6 months. During that period, the depositor will be notified to take back their compounds.

In order to correctly perform the purity evaluation the inventor (depositor) will be asked to provide further details for the each submitted compound, such as: its molecular weight, its molecular formula and its solubility.

Compound Libraries for HTS: HSMC is the National depository center for small molecules in Greece. The infrastructure stores and manages compounds of a wide range of chemical structures, from natural products to synthetic compounds. Our molecular collection typically originates from synthetic organic groups mainly from Greece and is greatly differentiated from other typical libraries based on combinatorial synthetic approaches. The various sources of our chemical libraries guarantee structurally diverse collections of small molecules with rich functionalization and stereochemical information.

Are you interested in our chemical collections for biological High Throughput Screening?

For the full policy of how we handle and manage your compounds please download the legal statement below.

Users of HSMC can take advantage of the screening facilities of our OPENSCREEN-GR and OPENSCREEN-EU network. Compounds in our library are chosen by the screening facilities based on their screening programs. The screening centers directly report the obtained biological screening data to the inventors-depositors, and further optimization steps can be discussed, in cases of significant results, with the inventors.

Companies interested in our collections can contact us through our form below.

HSMC can provide solutions for custom synthesis and optimization of your lead compounds. Chemical synthesis solutions are not provided free of charge from our infrastructure.

Do you want to find chemical solutions in HSMC?

Do you want to take advantage of our chemical expertise?

Please make a quote with your chemical problem. An expert from HSMC will shortly contact you to discuss possible solutions. Although HSMC is an open access infrastructure to all its users, custom synthesis or lead optimization can only be operated on the basis of a fully funded project from every user. Collaborations and grant applications for the mutual benefit of HSMC and users are highly welcome.

HSMC can provide consulting in chemical or chemical biology problems. Our team consisted of experts in Chemical Synthesis, Chemical Biology, Natural Products, and Catalysis can help you address the problems of your projects. Please conctact us and let us know.

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Contact us in the form below, to initiate your approval and issue your ID code!

Please fill the form below, sign it with electronic signature or scan the original form, and attach it to your contact with us. One of our personnel will shortly contact regarding the approval of your application and allow you to take advantage of the benefits of the HSMC family!

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